Reopen Safely with Youreka

Reopening our communities will be a partnership between our businesses and our people, built on trust.

Adapt quickly, communicate your procedures, and provide a deeper level of consumer confidence with Youreka.

Reopening Safely for Hospitality

Provide your guests the deeper, detailed level of information they need to feel safe and comfortable in your hotel.

Reopening Safely
for Retail

You’ve created an environment safe enough to enter. Communicate your policies and procedures to your customers.


As a Salesforce native app with a drag-and-drop template builder, you can be fully up and running in days, not weeks or months. And deploy procedural changes organization-wide with just a click.


Data is secured fully on Salesforce and never leaves the platform. Secure mobile access and Salesforce end-user provisioning.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies in the HLS, Oil and Gas, and CGR spaces for rapid response and deploying new protocols to combat crises.

Ready to collaborate

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