The Search tab displays a search list of all mobile available forms that the user has access to in their Salesforce instance, including ones created by other users. This is helpful in cases where users in the same org need to share forms and need to have access to forms other than their own.

Since this list can eventually grow to be overwhelming, users can use the Search feature to filter forms based on criteria like the Form Number or Form Template Name.

Open the left menu by clicking the hamburger icon in the upper-right corner of the app. Find the Search feature in the left menu.

The example below shows a list of forms with a template title that contains Arabica. You will notice that it displays both forms that have already been downloaded to the device (marked available offline) and the ones available to download (with a download icon). To download a form to your device, simply tap the Blue Download icon to the right of the form. The form will quickly download to your device and will be marked available offline to indicate a successful download.