Edit Mobile Form Cards

Each mobile form card has a default of four different items:

  • Form Template Name
  • Form Number
  • Created Date and Time
  • Last Modified Date and Time

The first two of these items will show in the white space of the form card in Youreka Mobile, while the other two can be accessed by expanding the form card. This tutorial teaches you how to customize these items from the Mobile Column Field Set inside of Salesforce so that you can decide how each form card should be displayed for your mobile users.

This configuration needs to occur from your web instance of Salesforce in Classic.

  1. Begin by logging in to your Salesforce Instance. If you typically use Lightning, switch to classic.
  2. Navigate to your Form Object by clicking Setup > Create > Objects > Form. Click on ‘Form’ to open the object (don’t click Edit).Form Object.jpg
  3. Scroll down until you find the Field Sets List where the Mobile Columns Field Set will be listed. Click Edit next to Mobile Columns.Field Sets.jpg
  4. On the Mobile Columns field set, you can now add, remove, and re-order fields on your mobile form cards. As a default, you will see the list introduced above as your default fields on your mobile card. You can drag and drop through the list to rearrange the order. The options in the first two positions will show in the white space on your form cards while the others will appear when the form card is expanded.
  5. From the list below Form, you can add custom fields to your mobile cards as well. Any available fields will appear in the options on the right. For example, we’ve added a custom field called Form Account Name from the Form to our Mobile Field Set.
  6. Save your newly edited Mobile Columns Field Set and then log in and sync the device in order to view the changes on your Forms list in Youreka Mobile.