Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a Public Site URL of a Form to send to customers or other users for completion

Prerequisites: Building Your First Form TemplateField LinksAllow New Records & Public Sites

What is a Public Site URL?

Youreka offers the ability to create a Custom URL of a form to send to a specific form-filler, regardless of whether they are a Salesforce user. An example of a use case would be an organization sending a link via email of a Customer Satisfaction form to customers to gather feedback about their experience.

This link can even be personalized to be tied to that customer’s record so that when they open this form, any field linked fields will be prepopulated and any newly captured information will be updated. You can also indicate where the user is redirected after completing the form, like back to that organization’s website, for instance.

For this tutorial, we will show you how to create this link to copy and send to an individual to create a new contact record from our template.

  1. Log in to your Salesforce instance and navigate to your Arabica Coffee Store Visit template.
  2. Create a New Form from our template to open the New Form Wizard.
    Public Site URL.jpg
  3. In the New Form Wizard, check the New Record box for both Account and Contact and then Save the New Form rather than completing it.Public Site URL.jpg
  4. From the Form Detail page, click settings button to the right of the Form title. From the menu, select Public URL.
    Public Site URL 2.jpg
  5. This opens the Public Forms URL Wizard. From here we will first customize our Return URL which determines where the form filler will be directed upon completing the form. In this case, we want them to return to our Youreka.io website (don’t forget to include the full URL – https://youreka.io not just Youreka.io).Public form URL select templates.jpg
  6. Set the Form Hosting Site – we will use the Youreka_Templates site we established in the Public Sites tutorial but this can be any one of your organization’s available sites. Click ‘Select’ to populate the Public URL.
  7. Copy the newly created Public URL from this box to paste into an email and send directly to a customer for completion. When a customer clicks the link, it will open the new form in the complete forms page where they can begin entering their data. After they save, they will be returned to the Youreka.io site as you have established.
  8. To test the accuracy of your link, copy and paste it to an email with the subject line “My Training Link” and send to your email address. You can then test your link to ensure that you’ve completed the steps as necessary. By clicking the link you should be able to launch the form, enter inputs and then save and be returned to the correct Return URL address you set.


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