Salesforce Mobile and Actions

Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Access Youreka Forms from the Salesforce Mobile App
  • Create New Forms from Salesforce Mobile
  • Create a Custom Button which pre-populates value in the New Form Page
  • Configure Page Layouts to make actions available on the object layout in Salesforce Mobile


Prerequisites: Build Your First Form Template, Field Links & Allow New Records



Salesforce Mobile

Youreka forms are available on the Salesforce Mobile Application. From the Salesforce Mobile app you can access, view, edit and even create new forms from mobile available templates. An end-user can’t however create new templates from the application. The template builder is restricted to the web version of Youreka only.

In this exercise, we’ll walk through setting up Youreka to work in Salesforce Mobile, navigating the app to access and view forms, creating a new form from our template as well as creating a new contact record right from that new form, all within Salesforce Mobile.

  1. Download Salesforce Mobile onto your mobile device.
  2. From your desktop, navigate to your Published Form Template’s Form Detail Page and check the Enabled on Mobile Checkbox in the top left of the screen under Status.
  3. Optimizing Youreka for mobile requires a few steps of configuration. We’ll want to add the Forms List tab to our Salesforce1 Navigation menu which will allow us to visualize and organize our Forms and Templates for a better user experience.
  4. To do this, navigate to (lex) Setup > Apps > Mobile Apps > Salesforce > Salesforce Navigation or (classic)Setup > Mobile Administration > Salesforce Navigation
  5. From the list of Navigation Menu Items, you should see Forms List
  6. Select Forms List and add it to the Selected List of Menu Items and click Save.youreka salesforce1 settings2.jpg
  7. Now from the Salesforce Mobile App, login to your org.
  8. From the hamburger icon in the top left of your device screen, select your new Forms List tab.
  9. From this screen, you will see all Youreka Mobile Forms separated into three tabs:
    1. New Form: Allows you to create a New Form from any templates made available on Mobile.
    2. My Forms: Allows you to open and edit any mobile available form that is attached to your user login.
    3. All Forms: Lists all the mobile forms available in your org, both created by your user and by other users in your org.
      youreka mobile forms salesforce1 3.jpg
  10. From the New Form tab, select your template to create a new form.
  11. As in the web version, the New Form Wizard will prompt you to select an account and a contact from your records or select for New Records to be created. To test functionality, select the existing Monroe Markets account and select the New Record checkbox for contact to create a new contact for this account. Click Save to complete the New Form.
    Salesforce1 1.png
  12. Fill out your new form, entering in all fields as you go. Use the green arrows on the bottom of each page to navigate through your form.
  13. You can also take and attach a photo to your form by clicking the green photo icon next to the Finish button.
  14. Select Finish, which will take you to the Form Detail page for you to review your form inputs.
  15. Now, to check that our form created a new contact, navigate out of your template by selecting the back button until you are once again on the Forms List screen.
  16. Click the hamburger icon again to open the list of tabs and scroll down to Contacts.
  17. The new contact you created should appear at the top of Recent Contacts along with the contact details you captured in the form.
  18. We’ve now just created both a new form and a new contact for the Monroe Markets account, all from a Youreka form in Salesforce Mobile.



Launching a Form from a Salesforce Mobile Action

Salesforce administrators are always trying to find ways to make their orgs more efficient and reduce the number of clicks needed to access and create data. Admins can easily create buttons and actions linked to Youreka forms that live on page layouts for ease of access. For example, the administrator can create a button on an Account page layout that pre-populates the associated Account lookup field and the Template to be completed for specific users.

In our tutorial, we will create a button that links to our Arabica Coffee Store Visits template and have this button available on the Account page layout. We can then make it available as a custom action within Salesforce1. Now, whenever an Arabica Coffee rep is visiting a store (like Monroe Markets), they can simply open the Monroe Markets Account record and jump right into a new form from that action. To begin this configuration, log in to your Salesforce org.

  1. From your desktop, navigate to your Arabica Coffee Store Visit Template and direct your attention to the URL. Select and copy ONLY the 15- or 18-character ID in the URL. Paste it somewhere that you can access  later.
  2. Since we need this button to launch a form from the account page layout in Salesforce1, we need to first build the button within our Account object. Navigate to Setup > Build > Customize > Accounts > Buttons, Links & Actions.
    buttons links and actions salesforce1 Actions Step 4.jpg
  3. Select New Button or Link to open the Custom Button or Link Edit window.
    new button link Actions Step 5.jpg
  4. Label the new button Arabica Coffee Store Visit.
  5. For the Display Type, select Detail Page Button.
  6. Content Source should be set to URL.
  7. Paste the following link into the large text box at the bottom of the page, replacing INSERTIDHERE with the ID you copied a minute ago.


    The passThroughRetURL portion determines where to redirect the user when/if they click the Cancel button while in the form. In this case, we want them to return to the Account record, so we will set the passThroughRetURL to {!Account.Id}.

    The fields to be pre-populated need to be referenced by their API names and separated by &. We want to prepopulate the form with the specified account information, so the following line is how we tell the new form that it should be related to the account where this button is located.

  8. Navigate the Monroe Markets account page layout to add the newly created button to the Salesforce Mobile Actions layout. Expand the Quick Access Menu on the right side of the account scree and select Edit Layout from the list of options.Monroe Markets Edit Layout-1.jpg
  9. From the Edit Layout window, select the Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions tab. From the list available, select your newly created Arabica Coffee Store Visit button and Drag and Drop into the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section below. (For Salesforce Classic, you will use the buttons list and drag down to the Custom buttons section).salesforce 1 select setting Step 21-1.jpg
  10. Salesforce Mobile limits the number of buttons available along the bottom of the detail page, so to ensure that your button appears in this list, drag into one of the first 4 positions (as shown above). Otherwise it will appear in ‘Show More’ in Salesforce Mobile. Save your changes to the layout before moving to the next step.
  11. Log in to your Salesforce org on Salesforce Mobile. Navigate to the Monroe Markets Account record from the Accounts tab. You will see your new button available on the bottom of the Account Page Layout. Clicking this button will open the Arabica Coffee Store Visits template with the Monroe Markets Account information prepopulated.
    Salesforce1 2.png


Want to see this in action? Check out this minute video overview: Creating a Salesforce1 Action

You’re now Salesforce Mobile ready!

Looking to go offline? The Youreka Mobile App is your solution. Check out the tutorial here.