Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Archive Youreka Forms

Prerequisites: Build Your First Form Template

Archiving Forms

Archiving forms is a function used by those with a high volume of forms who are concerned about storage space or in cases where an organization is phasing out or sun setting versions of a form for business process reasons. When a form is archived, its answers are no longer included in reports or workflows. The form’s answers are preserved as the form automatically locks and cannot be edited or updated by users. Forms can be Unarchived if the user wishes to unlock them. This tutorial takes you through the archiving and unarchiving process.

  1. Log in to your Salesforce instance and navigate to your Arabica Coffee Store Visit Form Template. You must have already created at least one form from this template, like the one created in the First Form Tutorial. If you don’t have any forms available, create a new form for the purpose of this tutorial.
  2. Select a form from your list of forms by clicking either View or the Name of the form.
  3. On the Form Detail Page, select the settings button on the top right-hand side of the page. From the gear menu, select Archive.
  4. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to Archive your form.
  5. The status bar on the form will indicate that the form has been Archived. At this point your form is locked and can no longer be edited or updated.
  6. From the list of the forms on the Form Template Detail page, you can now see that the form’s status is marked as Archived to indicate that the archive was successful.
  7. If you wish to unarchive, simply revisit the form and from the same gear menu, select Unarchive from the list.
  8. Again, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you wish to Unarchive.
  9. Once the form is Unarchived, you’ll see that on the Form Template Detail page the form is still locked but no longer archived.

You have now successfully Archived and Unarchived a form!

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