Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Build a Custom Field on your Products or Custom Products Object that houses a unique product identifier like a UPC Code
  • Leverage this Custom Field in Youreka to allow for Barcode Scanning to automatically populate fields

Prerequisites: Shared Linked SectionsYoureka Mobile

Barcode Scanning

Does your organization need to check on products out in the field? Do you currently house a library of products inside of Salesforce which need to be regularly updated? The Youreka Mobile App supports barcode scanning to make the process of populating and editing products in Salesforce easy!

For Arabica Coffee, we know that they have a custom Coffee Products object (similar to the standard Products object in Salesforce) which houses the variety of coffee products sold across all retailers. For a store visit rep performing an audit, this feature will minimize the time it takes to enter information by instantly recognizing a unique identifier (like a UPC Code) on each product, and automatically populating fields for seamless data entry.

Create a Custom UPC Code Field on the Products Object

  1. For Arabica Coffee, we have already created the custom Coffee Products object in the Shared Linked Section tutorial. This is where we house the list of coffee products available to our customers.
    Coffee Products.jpg
  2. To add the custom UPC Code field, navigate to the Coffee Products Object (or your organization’s Products object) by clicking Setup > Create > Objects > Coffee Products.
    Barcode First.jpg
  3. Under Custom Fields & Relationships, create a New Custom Field.
  4. Set the Data Type to Text and click Next.
    Barcode 2.jpg
  5. Set the Field Label to UPC Code, Length 15, and check the Unique and External ID checkboxes.
    Barcode 3.jpg
  6. Click Next > Next > Save.
  7. Your new field will now appear in the custom fields and relationships list.
    Barcode 4.jpg
  8. Navigate back to the Coffee Products (or whichever Products tab you are leveraging) and select one from your list. You should now see a blank UPC Code available on the object where you can enter the correct UPC Code for your product.
    Barcode 6.jpg
  9. For Barcode Scanning to work in Youreka, we need to populate this field with the corresponding UPC Code for this product. Click edit and enter the numbers of the corresponding UPC Code (this includes the first and last digit for UPC Codes).
    Barcode UPC.jpgBarcode UPC2.jpg
  10. Save the edits and you’ll now see the new number appear in the UPC Code field.
    Barcode 7.jpg
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 in order to populate the UPC Codes for other products in your list.

Allow Barcode Scanning in Youreka

Based on previous tutorials, the current functionality for entering products into a form only allows the store visit rep to search for the product through a lookup. To make barcode scanning available, we are going to enable this option on the Product Name field in the Coffee Inventory Count Linked Section.

  1. Navigate to the most recent version of the Arabica Coffee Store Visit template. To edit the template in the template builder, either copy the template for a new version or delete any related test forms and then click Edit to launch the template builder.
  2. Barcode Scanning requires that the Youreka field be a Lookup Field to an object that has a unique Field with an External ID. With the creation of the new UPC Code field, we’ve met these criteria with the Product Name field in the Coffee Inventory Count Linked Section.
    Coffee Count.jpg
  3. Edit the Coffee Product Name question by clicking the crayon icon. In the question modal, a new option will be available to Allow Barcode Scanning.
    Barcode 8.jpg
  4. Check this checkbox and you will be prompted to set the Barcode External ID Field which will be the custom UPC Code field we built earlier in the tutorial.
    Barcode 9.jpg
  5. Save the question and now it will be available for barcode scanning in the Youreka Mobile app.
  6. Save and close out of the template builder and then Publish your template to make it available on the Youreka Mobile App.

Test Barcode Scanning in Youreka Mobile

Barcode Scanning can only be used in the Youreka Mobile App. If you don’t already, you can download Youreka Mobile directly from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone. Get started with these instructions.

  1. Launch a new form from the newly published Arabica Coffee Store Visit Template. In the Linked Section portion of the form, click the barcode scanner button next to the Product Name field.
    BarcodeTutorial 1.jpg
  2. If you haven’t already, you may be prompted to grant access to your device’s camera. Otherwise, your camera will open the scanner where you will see a green square with a red line running through the center.
  3. Hover the red line over the barcode on one of your products of choice. Almost instantly, the scanner will recognize the barcode and return to the form where your product will be populated in the Product Name field.
    BarcodeTutorial 3.jpg

You’re now ready to leverage the Barcode Scanner in Youreka.