Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Add Free Text and Images to your form templates to provide extra guidance to your end users.
  • Use the Text/Image Question Type to add Images to your Form Template
  • Upload Images to the universal image gallery in Template Designer to be used across all Form Templates.

Prerequisites: Build Your First Form Template

Free Text/Image

Youreka offers the ability to add Free Text or Images to any form template to provide guidance to your end users. Free Text or Image can be used to offer further explanation, instructions and general information or a picture for reference as a part of completing a form. Text or Images can even be made conditional within a form meaning that they will only appear based on other question inputs. This is valuable when providing further explanation or instructions to the end user when they have met certain criteria within the form.

For this example, we will add simple free text to our Arabica Coffee Co. form that will provide some instructional text to the Arabica field sales rep conducting the store visit. We will then add an image for further context.


  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to the App List and select Youreka.
  3. Navigate to the first template we created in the first tutorial by clicking the Form Templates tab to open your library of templates. Select the template by clicking on the Form Template Name (Arabica Coffee Store Visit).free text image youreka form
  4. If your Form Template Detail Page has forms you previously created, delete them before we can continue making edits to our template. Click Delete under Forms Action.
    youreka form free text image
  5. Now click the Edit Button to launch the Template Builder and make changes to the Form Template.
  6. In the General Information section, we’re going to place some free text to both offer some instructional text to the Arabica field rep and also prompt promotion-related information which will be dependent on how a question is answered.
  7. To add Free Text, drag and drop the Text/Image box from the option bar at the top of the template builder into the General Information section above the first question.
  8. This will open the Add Text/Image/Space modal where you can add in the instructional text. In the text box, the Type will default to Free Text. In the corresponding Text box below is where you’ll enter your the Text Confirm all locations and any aisles Arabica Coffee is stocked with Store Manager before completing this section.
  9. Click Save. This text will now appear at the beginning of this section of the form.
  10. Now we will add Free Text with Display Logic so that this instructional text appears ONLY when criteria are met by a specific input. In this case, we will provide some promotional notes about our Arabica Chocolate Display if we find that the aisle also stocks coffee snacks.
  11. Drag and drop another Text/Image/Space box into the General Information section, this time ABOVE the Which Coffee Snacks are Available question.
  12. In the Free Text modal box, enter the following: PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY: Locations that stock coffee snacks directly in the coffee aisle fall in our target for the Arabica Chocolate Display promotion.
  13. Change the color by clicking the text color icon and selecting the color red.
  14. Before saving, click the Display Logic tab. We want this text to show ONLY when Coffee Snacks is selected as a part of the question: Which of the following complementary coffee products are present in the aisle? Set your view to Conditional Visibility. The Section should be set to General Information when the question Which of the following complementary coffee products are present in the aisle? has the value Coffee Snacks.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Now preview the form with the Free Text available. In preview, test the Coffee Snack logic to ensure the Display Logic has worked. With the conditions met, the previewed form will look like this:youreka form text image save
  17. Save the form template and continue to the next step to learn how to add an Image to your template.

Add an Image

Sometimes an image conveys a message better than text instructions can. Youreka allows you to add a free-standing image as its own question type. In this scenario, the Arabica Coffee rep is now aware that there is a promotion opportunity in this store and with some more information, they might be able to pitch the right type of promotion and also be able to show the store manager exactly what that promotion would look like.

For the next example, we will add an image of what the Arabica Chocolate Display promotion would look like so that the rep can show the prototype to the Store Manager rather than just describing it. Again, we will use Display Logic to ensure that the image appears only when it meets the criteria we set.

  1. Drag and drop a new Text/Image/Space box into the bottom of the General Information section. Set the Type to Image which will then offer a few options for selecting an image. An image gallery will appear which houses all of the images you have for Youreka.Image Gallery: If you don’t have any images, you will be able to choose an image file and then upload it to the gallery. Anything uploaded to the gallery in Youreka will then be available for any template in the future.
  2. Since we don’t have any images in our gallery yet, choose a file from your desktop to add to the gallery.youreka form text image add image.jpg
  3. Once selected, click Upload to add the image to the Gallery. You must now select the image from the galleryto have it appear in the Selected Image space on the left side of the modal.youreka form text image upload image.jpg
    In this example, the image we uploaded represents the Arabica Chocolate Display promotion which would only be pertinent to pitch when there is Open Floor, Checkout or End Aisle Display real estate available in-store.
  4. To set this criteria, select the Display Logic tab. Select Conditional Visibility for when the question Where is the Display Real Estate Located? has the values of End Aisle DisplayOpen Floor Display, or Checkout Display.
  5. Save the new Image and then Preview the template.
  6. Test the new Image logic by selecting Checkout Display from the last question on the form. The Arabica Chocolate Display image should appear.6-1.jpg
  7. Close out of the Preview window, and click Save and Close to exit the template and return to the Form Template Detail Page.


Utilize Free Text or  Images in your templates to make your end users more productive and knowledgeable as they complete forms.

Ready to learn how to access forms? We suggest starting with mobile and offline options with the Youreka Mobile App or Salesforce Mobile.