Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate and download PDFs of your newly submitted forms


Prerequisites: Build Your First Form Template

At this point, you’ve built your form templates in Salesforce, you’ve published them, and  you’ve quite possibly collected form submissions from your web visitors, or your Salesforce users. You’re on a roll!

But what happens if you want to be able to view these form submissions in a different way? Perhaps you’d like to save form data as files to your computer, or print them out for your own records or for your management team to read?

Alternatively, maybe it’s important for your field teams to have instant access to their form submissions while in the field, in PDF format.

If any of these scenarios make sense for your organization, you’ll want to leverage Youreka’s Generate PDFs feature. Read below to learn how it works!

Enable PDF Generation

The first thing you need to do is Enable Form PDFs on the Form Template menu. If you see Disable Form PDFs instead, they’re already enabled!


Generate PDF for a Completed Form

Fill out a form using this form template. When the form is complete, you can select “Generate PDF” from the dropdown menu. This will immediately download the form as a PDF from your browser.


If your users are completing forms on their mobile device, and wish to generate a PDF on-the-go, they can select “Generate PDF” from the side menu of the Youreka mobile app where Save and Navigation are located. This will prompt the user to email a PDF of the form.

Having trouble? Check out our PDF Limitations and Troubleshooting and General Limitations articles.

That’s it! With this feature, you’re now able to review form data in PDF format.

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