Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:
  • Add Page Breaks to your form template so that your form content is spread across multiple pages.
Prerequisites: Build Your First Form Template

Page Breaks

This simple feature makes a big difference in your end user experience and how forms are completed. Adding multiple pages to your forms allows you to control the flow of how questions are laid out, better separate the themes of your content, and offer a way to easily page through a form without having to scroll down one continuous form. This is especially valuable for those who have to complete very long forms and need a better way to spread the form questions out and break up content. In this example, we will add a page break to our Arabica Coffee Store Visit form that will place the Store Contact Information on one page and the General Information section on another. This is a simple form at this stage, but if this form had a number of sections like Current Display Information, Account Satisfaction Information, Customer Feedback, etc., then multiple pages would be a simple and effective way to separate this content.
Add a Page Break
  1. Log in to your Salesforce instance and navigate to the Arabica Coffee Store Visit Form Template. If there are any associated forms, delete them so that we can edit the form template. Youreka add page break1
  2. In the Store Contact Information Section, there is a Pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the box. This is the Section Edit icon and allows us to return to the Section Edit modal. Click this Crayon Icon.youreka form store contact information
  3. In the Section Edit modal, the third option is a checkbox that asks ‘Page Break after this Section?’ Select this checkbox.
  4. Click Save to exit the Section Edit modal.
  5. To test your new Page Break, Preview your form template by clicking the Preview button at the top of the template builder screen.
  6. You will now see Page options at the top of your form with arrows to navigate sequentially through your form.
To create page breaks for new sections, simply perform these steps for sections you wish to move to a new page. Want to add Free Text and Template Images to your forms to offer better guidance and visuals? Check out our Free Text and Image Tutorial.