Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Export and Import Youreka Templates between Salesforce Orgs.

Prerequisites: Build Your First Form Template

Exporting and Importing Youreka Templates

Youreka allows users to export templates for backup purposes and transitioning files to a new Org (such as moving from a Sandbox to Production). Whatever the reason, this simple process allows users to share Youreka templates across an organization in just a few steps. Importing templates is also a quick three step process. This tutorial shows users (recommended permission set = Youreka Admin) how to quickly create a JSON file of their template for export and then how to import a template from the Form Template Import tab on the Youreka navigation bar.

 Export a Template

  1. Log in to your Salesforce instance and navigate to your Arabica Coffee Store Visit Form Template. The template can be in either drafting or published status to export it. Open the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the Form Template Detail page to open the settings menu. Select Export.
    template export salesforce profile
  2. Your browser activity may differ slightly, but a JSON file will be downloaded containing all of the template data.
  3. Check the download folder to which your browser typically downloads files and search for your new JSON file. The file will be named:
    Export – [Arabica Coffee Store Visit].jsonexport template salesforce template
  4. Most computer programs won’t be able to open the file and should only be used for importing to the Youreka app in your destination org.

Import a Template

  1. Once you have the exported template’s JSON file, it’s easy to import it into an Org. Note that any newly imported Template starts with a status of ‘Drafting’ so the user can easily make edits to the template or switch it to a published status.
  2. To start the Import process, navigate to the Form Template Import tab on Youreka’s navigation bar.
    import a template json file drafting
  3. First pick the file you wish to import by clicking the Browse button, and navigate to your Form Template file. Once the file’s name is displayed in the File Upload input, click the Upload JSON file button. This completes step 1 of the 3-step process.browse json file import salesforce
  4. In step 2, verify the Form Template Name and the Number of Sections and Questions are correct. Click Save Form Template. This completes step 2 of the 3-step process. If you realize you have the wrong Template or if the adjustments make it clear you do not want to import the Template, click Cancel. This is the last opportunity to cancel the import before the data begins to get imported.save unloaded template step 2 of 3
  5. Depending on your stage in completing the Youreka Academy tutorials, you may or may not have Template Discovery Rules & Discovery Rule Groups available to make adjustments to. If you have none, you can simply Finish the template import. If there are Discovery Rules and Discovery Rule Groups available, you can either save these rules and finish the import or you can skip the logic and finish. Only skip and finish if you intend to create your own Discovery Rules and Discovery Rule Groups.save discovery logic step 3 of 3
  6. After you Finish step 3 of 3, you will be redirected to the newly imported template’s Form Detail Page where you can either make edits to the template or publish it and start creating forms.

You have now successfully exported and imported a form template!

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