Learning Objectives:

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Assign the correct Youreka Permission Sets to your Users
  • Manage Youreka Licenses from the Youreka Licenses Tab

Prerequisite: Install Youreka Tutorial

Youreka Permission Sets

Youreka Admin Permission Set: The Youreka Admin permission set is to be assigned to anyone who needs to create and manage Forms and Form Templates, adjust settings, and require access and control over field links to all Standard and non-Standard Objects or Linked Sections. This permission set grants Modify All on Youreka Objects and Edit on all fields included in Youreka’s managed package.

Youreka Complete Forms Permission Set: This permission set is more restrictive and limits the user to simply completing forms and other basic tasks. Users are granted Read access to Form Templates and Edit access to Forms. So, the user will have the ability to complete and lock a Form but they will not be able to edit the Form Template without further permissions.

**Keep in mind, all rights in the Youreka Complete Forms permission set are also contained in the Youreka Admin permission set, so you do not need to assign Complete Forms to a user that already has the Admin permission set assigned.

How do I decide which Permission Set a User Needs?

First, understand how the user will need to interact with Youreka. What is the maximum level of permissions they will need to access?

  • If a user needs to build or edit form templates, then they need to be assigned the Youreka Admin permission set.
  • If a user just needs to complete and lock forms (fill out forms), then they should be assigned the Complete Forms permission set.
How do I assign the proper Permission Set to my Users?
  1. Navigate to Setup in the top right-hand corner of your Salesforce screen.
    1. In Classic
    2. In Lightning Experience (LEX)
  2. From Quick Find / Search, search Permission Sets and then select Permission Sets from the Manage Users grouping (Users grouping in LEX).
  3. Both the Youreka Admin and Youreka Complete Forms permission sets will be listed here. To adjust assignments, click the Permission Set Label of the permission set you wish to manage.Youreka Admin Permission Set.jpg
  4. You’ll see a brief overview of the permission set and above that, the option to Manage Assignments.
  5. From this page, you’ll be able to Add Assignments to the permission set.
  6. Select the checkboxes next to the users who need access to the permission set and Assign.
  7. Perform steps 3-6 again for the Complete Forms permission set to manage those assignments.


  1. What happens if I don’t have the right permission set assigned? As a user, you will get an insufficient privileges error warning that you don’t have the proper permissions.
  2. Is there a limit on permission sets?  No, you can assign permission sets to as many users as you want to.
  3. Can permission sets be reassigned? Yes, you can assign, un-assign, and reassign a permission set as often as you need to.
  4. What if these permission sets are not sufficient? This is possible; in fact, we have customers that have created additional permission sets to support their security needs. If your form templates access custom objects or fields(via field links or linked sections), all users who complete those forms need access to those custom objects and fields. If this is the case for you, reach out to Youreka support for assistance. Additionally, some clients simply add the permissions directly to certain profiles, as opposed to using new permission sets.
  5. What if I can’t assign these permission sets to a user? This can happen if you want to limit a user’s Youreka permissions more than the standard permission sets allow,  or when you attempt to assign a permission set to a user who cannot be given specific permissions that the permission set grants, like trying to assign a partner community user view all permissions on an object. To grant the appropriate permissions, you will need to clone the permission set and remove the problematic permission. NOTE: using cloned permission sets rather than the standard Youreka permission sets require additional maintenance when upgrading Youreka. New permissions added to the standard permission sets will not automatically be brought over into the cloned permission set.

Youreka Licenses Tab

On the User License Page (a tab inside of Youreka), Youreka administrators can keep track of total number of Youreka Licenses, License Types, how licenses are distributed across users, and the number of licenses still available to your organization.

The bottom half of the screen shows all of your users, and lists which Youreka licenses they are assigned. It also gives you the opportunity to assign licenses to new users.

To Assign a license to a user, find their name in the list, check the checkbox next to their name (1), select the license you wish to assign (2) and then click the assign button (3).

To remove a license, check the checkbox next to the user you wish to remove a license from(1), select “No License” as the license you wish to assign (2) and then click the assign button (3).

You are only able to assign Licenses that you have already purchased. If you require additional licenses, please contact your Youreka account executive.