Upgrading Youreka

We do thorough testing to ensure that upgrading Youreka will not negatively impact your existing templates or forms. To ensure the most successful transition to a newer version of Youreka, follow these best practices:

  1. Carefully review the release notes of the newest release, and any releases that came after your current version.
    1. Look for new features that may be useful to your organization and other updates that may impact your end users.
    2. If you’re using cloned permission sets, take note of any additional permissions you may need to add to them.
  2. Communicate to your end users any changes that may impact them.
  3. Install in a sandbox. Not sure how? Follow these instructions to Install Youreka and Get Started
  4. Test, test, test!
  5. Once you’re confident that everything is working as-expected, install in Production.


Important note: Unless you’ve disabled app auto-updates for your mobile workforce, the mobile app will most likely be updated whenever a new mobile version becomes available (concurrent with new Youreka releases). It’s possible your mobile users are already on a newer version of Youreka Mobile, regardless of if you’ve upgraded your appexchange app.

Questions? Contact Youreka support.