Collect data offline with
Salesforce-native smart forms.

Youreka is the only Salesforce-native smart mobile forms app that works offline. Create and edit Salesforce records without service, and they’ll seamlessly sync as soon as you reconnect.

Don’t just check boxes, perform guided audits, installations, inspections, and assessments that adapt on the fly.     


We're offering Youreka's smart mobile forms to support businesses responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Easiest Way To Capture Salesforce Data In The Field

Guide Audits and Inspections

Youreka’s simple, offline-enabled forms reduce human error and improve data quality when conducting audits, assessments, and inspections. Catch every compliance breach and keep essential data from falling through the cracks.

Standardize Processes in the Field

Youreka leads sales reps and field technicians through audits, work orders, and customer interactions from start to finish. The app alerts you to critical information and suggests next best actions to take when you are on the job.

Perform Surveys and Collect Data

Youreka makes it easy for customers to fill out surveys, lead capture forms, and service request documents on your website. What’s more, the form data gets pushed to Salesforce® and triggers workflows instantly.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Features To Make Your Work Easier

Branching Logic

Infinite levels of dependencies let you ask the right questions at the right time


Giving data life after forms, discoveries are what make your forms actionable​

Mobile & Offline​

Work in Salesforce1 or go offline with our iOS and Android apps​

Drag & Drop Designer​

No code. Build intuitive, intelligent forms with a drag-and-drop interface

Salesforce® Native​

A native application, found on the AppExchange®​

Any Object​

Create or edit records for any object​

What's New In Youreka?

  • • NEW Mobile Cards
  • • NEW Check-In/Check-Out
  • • NEW Mobile Distance Tracking and Routing
  • • And Many More New Features

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