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As the premier no-code, Salesforce Field Service partner, Youreka redefines what’s possible in fieldwork.


Transform Field Service Excellence with Smart, Guided Mobile Forms

Empower your field technicians not just to perform, but to excel with Youreka—a leading field service technology integrated natively with Salesforce. By guiding technicians through complex procedures with smart, intuitive mobile forms, Youreka enhances reliability and efficiency in any environment, both online and offline. Every critical data point is captured accurately, ensuring seamless integration into Salesforce. This consolidation fosters a unified source of truth, significantly optimizing operations and elevating decision-making capabilities across your organization. Choose Youreka, and turn field service challenges into opportunities for strategic advantage.

Why Choose Youreka?

Guided Field Operations: Our digital platform elevates traditional checklists into intelligent, adaptive workflows that adjust in real-time, offering guidance for audits, installations, inspections, and assessments.

Augmented Reality & AI: Harness the full potential of mobile augmented reality and AI with Youreka Discoveries, offering insights and recommendations directly to your field workers.

Streamline Operations: Transfer knowledge seamlessly and empower your team to deliver unparalleled service, enhancing both customer satisfaction and business outcomes

Seamless Salesforce Integration: As the leading Salesforce-native app, we provide a streamlined solution for effortless data capture and synchronization. Pair Youreka Mobile with Salesforce Field Service Mobile for a unified app experience, whether online or offline, across diverse environments.

No-Code Customization: Tailor Youreka to fit your unique business needs with our flexible, no-code platform, ensuring your field service solutions are as agile as your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Excellent Native Form App


We have been using Youreka Mobile forms for job reporting in the field over the past two years. The support team is excellent and have always provided a quick response with any issues or concerns we have.

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Our industry-specific accelerators come fully equipped with pre-built fields, objects, automation, mobile field sets, and form templates to jump-start your implementation.

YOUREKA extension packs

Extension Packs are all about speed

Boost the Youreka implementation process and get you to a production-quality product as fast as possible.

Easy Template Load​

This extension pack includes a Salesforce Lightning App that allows you to drop in a .csv file and load questions in bulk to quickly create Form Templates in seconds.

For detailed instructions on installing and using easy template load, check this guide to learn more.

This extension pack allows you to add format, branding and style to your outputed form. This is great for customer facing output documents from Youreka Form data.

For detailed instructions, check out this guide to learn more. 

Analyze powerful Youreka insights through our dashboard accelerator package. Easily surface the most popular templates, trend usage over time, and make sure no form stays open after deactivating a template.

For detailed instructions, check out this guide to learn more. 


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