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Solutions for Consumer Business

Pre-populate forms
Complex rules engine
Augmented reality (AR)
Branching logic
Voice Control
3D Visualization

Image recognition

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Catalyzing Service and Employee Excellence: Transform Your Consumer Business Challenges with Youreka

Sector Versatility and Salesforce Integration
Regardless of your focus—home services, engineering, construction, or real estate—Youreka, as a Salesforce-native solution, stands at the forefront of enhancing your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our deep integration with Salesforce means you leverage a familiar and powerful ecosystem to elevate every aspect of your customer interaction.

Seamless Experience and Operational Benefits
By implementing Youreka, you tap into a seamless experience where better quotes, accelerated service processes, and real-time data are not just add-ons but embedded features that work synergistically with your existing Salesforce setup. This unique advantage ensures that your workforce is more empowered, your operations more cost-effective, and your customer satisfaction is consistently on the rise.

Customization, Scalability, and Support
Our platform doesn’t just fit into your business; it grows with it. With customizable and scalable solutions, Youreka is not just software but a transformational tool designed to evolve alongside your consumer business. And with the support of our dedicated customer success team, you’re guided every step of the way to ensure maximum benefit from these advanced capabilities.

Optimize Sales Revenues

Youreka can help you streamline and optimize your quoting process, ensuring delivery of precise and compelling quotes to customers, ultimately enhancing your chances of securing deals and driving revenue growth.

  • Smart forms ensure accuracy and consistency in quotes by using predefined templates, standardized pricing structures, and embedded validation rules.
  • Customized dynamic assessment and onsite estimate forms guide sales professionals through the entire quoting project.
  • Smart form data enables field service companies to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities based on customer needs and equipment performance, potentially boosting sales and revenue per customer interaction.

Deliver Smarter OmniChannel Service Experiences

Using Youreka and Salesforce together, you can revolutionize your customer experience at every step in the service lifecycle. Right in your Salesforce environment, Youreka allows you to:

  • Empower Customer Self-Service: Enable your customers to take control directly, providing them with intuitive tools to find solutions effortlessly.
  • Optimize Call Center Operations: Script and streamline call center activities, empowering support agents to deliver exceptional service with precision and speed.
  • Enhance Field Service Expertise: Equip field service workers with guided, customizable workflows that elevate their skills and efficiency, ensuring every task is executed flawlessly.
  • Empower Mobile Users: Guide mobile users through intricate repair processes with detailed steps and AI-powered support, ensuring swift resolutions and a seamless experience.

Enhance Service Interactions

Using Youreka, empower your technicians to effortlessly execute flawless, dynamically guided repairs, significantly boosting first-time fix rates.

  • Create comprehensive, step-by-step instructions and discoveries, complete with rich visuals like images and PDFs, ensuring technicians have all they need for successful installations or maintenance visits.
  • Upskill technicians by embedding institutional knowledge into forms, featuring dynamic instructions, logical pathways, next-best actions, and insightful tooltips.

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