Youreka Demo Kit

Youreka resources for Salesforce Solution Engineers and Implementation Partners

What is Youreka?

Youreka is a native mobile forms app that extends Salesforce’s capabilities to meet challenging data collection or guided process use cases. And it works offline.

With Youreka, your demo for that complex use-case will be up-and-running in no time. Want to start collaborating right away?

Together, Youreka + Solution Engineers can…

Do More

Youreka’s niche functionality as the only Salesforce-native, offline mobile forms tool extends Salesforce’s capabilities into untapped market potential.

Go Bigger

Together, Youreka and Solution Engineers have closed deals with Fortune 500 companies in the HLS, Oil and Gas, and CGR spaces.

Move Faster

Our native, drag-and-drop form builder makes building custom demos a breeze. Be up and running in minutes with complex use-cases.

Youreka works across the Salesforce platform

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Sales Cloud + Youreka
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Service Cloud + Youreka
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Field Service Lighting + Youreka
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Health Cloud + Youreka
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Salesforce Maps + Youreka
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Salesforce Platform + Youreka

Resource Library

Get started.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up Youreka in the Salesforce SDO, IDOs, or any other demo org

Get Youreka now on the AppExchange.

Watch a 90-second overview video of Youreka mobile forms

Get familiar.

See how Youreka can extend Salesforce’s capabilities to meet a wide variety of very complex use-cases.

See the complex business challenges Youreka and Salesforce, together, have helped our clients overcome.

Short tutorials, guides, and instructions to get you up to speed quickly.

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