Youreka Cares

An employee-led initiative to create an environment of giving using the 1:1:1 philanthropic program.

#YourekaCares leverages Youreka technology, employee time, and financial resources to do whatever it takes to:

Our Vision

Youreka Cares aims to:

Our Values

Youreka Cares has the following core values to fulfill its mission and carry forward its vision:

Our Impact

The process that Youreka is replaced was 100% pen and paper based. A staff member would have to decipher everybody's handwriting and manually key everything into Salesforce. A digital solution was never considered before because the trails we worked on are usually out in the middle of nowhere without a scratch of connectivity. With Youreka we're able to completely digitize the volunteer registration and signature process! We're able to improve on every part of our volunteer enrollment process. We get instant data and reportability on how many volunteers were at an event, how many hours were contributed, etc.

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