Top Consumer Goods Company Drives Retail Sales with Salesforce + Youreka Smart Forms

The Wonderful Company grows, harvests, bottles, packages, and markets a diverse range of healthy products, including fruits, nuts, flowers, water, wines, and juices. Its recognizable brands include Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, Pom Wonderful, Fiji Water, and Wonderful Halos.

Youreka Expertise

The Challenge


The Result

Wonderful’s sales reps can now easily capture important data during store audits, whether they are on or offline.

Wonderful’s reps can automate follow-up tasks based on responses they receive during store visits.

Wonderful’s reps have a 360-degree view of their retail account information before, during, and after a store visit.

Wonderful’s reps can use a single Youreka form to update account, contact, product, and quality control information within Salesforce in real time.

Business leaders at Wonderful can use Salesforce reports and data captured in Youreka to identify trends, hazards, and risks within retail accounts.

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