Form Fitting: The Future of Field Service Management

  • July 19, 2022
  • The Youreka Team

Field service management (FSM) presents a variety of data related challenges. It is often difficult to capture and communicate the information field service teams need to be efficient and effective in their frontline role. The first prominent hurdle is data capture and retention. When frontline personnel are under time constraints, accurate documentation is the first thing to go.

Have you experienced one or more of these service process interruptions within your frontline FSM operations?

  • Inaccurate, incomplete work orders and customer data records
  • Insufficient experience and/or knowledge to identify and address irregularities
  • Common service issues falling just outside a frontline employee’s knowledge base
  • Sloppy and/or inconsistent service visit documentation

Enter dynamic digital forms.

The form factor

Dynamic digital forms that go anywhere, on- or offline, allow FSM teams to capture actionable data at the intersection of back-office support operations, frontline service, and FSM subject matter experts. The data gathered from these interactions is essential for tracking and sharing case insights, informing customer recommendations, and making business-critical decisions.

Digital forms create mobile support solutions for frontline team members, including field service employees, to provide essential information and position them to fulfill customer needs with additional product/service resources. Every customer-facing interaction is a potential point of sale when field service teams have instant access to the knowledge and expertise they need. Empower your frontline teams to provide exceptional first-time service — and make the most of their field service calls — with dynamic digital forms.

With instant access to support, the entire FSM team, including dispatchers, frontline service, and back-office employees, can level up your field service game. Dynamic digital forms allow frontline personnel to apply captured data within guided procedures, which simplifies diagnostics, ensures excellent service, and empowers employees to deliver real-time customer recommendations. Whether customers need equipment upgrades or service package updates, digital forms use data-driven guided procedures to make your frontline workforce additional members of sales and customer relationship management teams.

Closing the FSM loop

Coordinated efforts and shared data between office employees and those in the field drives service success, creates quality customer experiences, and closes the FSM loop with real-time frontline employee support via guided procedures and data capture functionality. Positive results include:

  • Fewer service calls to resolve equipment problems
  • Tracking data for insight into the service and customer experience
  • Field data to bridge the gap between front- and back-office operations
  • A company reputation for trustworthiness and reliability

Dynamic digital forms, with on- and offline mobile availability, expand FSM knowledge, ability, and reach with demonstrated expertise from frontline teams, so customer satisfaction improves along with your company’s reputation.

FSM data gets more use, and enables more solutions, with easy, mobile accessibility and no-code, drag and drop form templates designed with field service in mind, and every form interaction provides accurate field service data to further expand your company’s knowledge base.

Dynamic digital forms empower a culture of problem-solving with comprehensive, accessible resources that form the foundation of FSM success in the 21st century.

Contact Youreka for a custom demo of dynamic digital forms and guided procedures for FSM success, and read more in Youreka’s article, Form and Substance: Dynamic Mobile Forms.

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