Onboarding Questionnaire

Hi! We at Youreka are thrilled to have you join our customer community. We are sure we will learn a lot from each other as you leverage Youreka to help you solve critical business needs.

To better serve you during your implementation of Youreka, we have designed this questionnaire to enable us to orient the onboarding process to meet your specific needs.

Thank you, and again welcome to the Youreka customer ecosystem!

At Youreka, when going through onboarding we have defined three implementation roles that will help ensure a successful project rollout. These roles should be assigned to the members of your implementation team responsible for the following:

Youreka Architects – They would be responsible for creating a sustainable data model that enables scale, Designing the mechanics of the Youreka solution, and Determining solution strategy to best support business needs.

Youreka Admins – They would be Responsible for ongoing end-to-end solution management and setup, Responsible for application setup to support end users, and Functional administration of the tool.

Youreka Builders – They are primarily responsible for building Form Templates for Youreka Users, and Managing form design and modifications such as adding validation requirements and linking Form Fields to Salesforce data points.