Revolutionize Your Mobile Workforce with Smart Forms

  • July 16, 2021
  • The Youreka Team

Go from wasting time and resources filling out outdated, cumbersome forms to performing large scale, automated audits, installations, inspections, and assessments with smart forms that empower your mobile workforce.

These days, we don’t always have the time or resources to connect the disparate, offline, and siloed information that houses the critical data we need to do work better. While traditional methods, like pen and paper, may seem convenient in the short term, they can be unreliable, time consuming, and impossible to clean. Introducing smart forms to your mobile workforce will benefit your teams by:

Saving you time with simplified and automated processes

Pulling immediate insights from paper forms and multiple systems isn’t just impractical, it’s downright detracting from efforts in the field. We’ve all been there: you spend the entire day tracking down information from different sources only to find that you’re blocked from making real-time decisions while you wait on data access from across your teams. That’s hours of time wasted for you and the field staff waiting for their deliverables. With smart forms, you can easily configure templates, instantly run approvals and analytics, and effectively complete forms on/offline. Reduce the time and effort your team needs to deliver on proper protocols and instantly make improvements to your processes.

Increasing user adoption

Technology has changed the way we perceive user functionality on a personal level, but it has extended to our professional lives as well. We now expect better user experiences across the tools we use at work. Giving your team the best in user experience and functionality means they’ll integrate tools more often and effectively, enhancing productivity at work and improving data accuracy. As technology evolves, keeping user experience top of mind is critical to successful adoption.

Making changes and modifications simple and trackable on the backend

Outdated systems and pen and paper forms make organization-wide changes a nightmare. Especially if these elements are physical in nature, that could mean wasting hundreds of thousands of employee hours and management headaches; not exactly the best case scenario. With smart forms, updates are simple: they’re easily implemented across multiple areas, trackable on the backend, and nowhere near as wasteful as traditional forms. Push out new form updates and notifications quickly and easily across working groups and departments.

We put the YOU in Youreka! Scale enterprise expertise with Youreka’s easy-to-use smart forms. Field teams can easily execute from mobile devices and management can approve completed forms while recognizing trends and patterns for future growth. A Salesforce-native mobile workforce solution that guides procedures, standardizes processes, and collects data–even offline, Youreka puts your knowledge to work.

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