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Consistent policies and work execution creates cohesion
Windows USA® is proud to be one of America’s leading manufacturers and providers of premium, energy efficient vinyl window and door products. Spanning several decades and generations of home improvement, the culture at Windows USA® is unique with vertical integration that offers easy and affordable options for customers to find the right product at the right price. They proudly design and create custom manufactured windows and doors specifically to fit your home. With a proven history and incredible reputation, they have an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction that has made them a recognized leader in their industry.
Youreka Expertise

The Challenge

Windows USA faced challenges in establishing consistent policies and work execution guidance for their field teams engaged in residential window replacement and installation services.

The Solution

Windows USA ensures that every employee follows, documents, and takes advantage of consistent installation procedures and upsell opportunities by utilizing Youreka in conjunction with Salesforce Field Service. Upon their field tech’s initial measurement when ordering new windows, they now have forms for all to verify those initial measurements after the fact. Youreka also helps guide techs when installing for a consistent service experience for all customers.

The Result

With this integration, their field technicians have streamlined processes. For instance, after their initial measurements for ordering new windows, technicians now have accessible forms to verify these measurements later on, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
Additionally, Youreka plays a pivotal role in guiding their technicians during installations, ensuring a uniform and exceptional service experience for all customers.

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