Metro Safety

Digitization Brings Streamlined Processes, Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy
Metro Safety Group are the preferred providers of fire, health and safety and building services to many of the UK’s leading managing agents and property owners, as well as major retailers, local authorities and other commercial occupiers. They provide risk assessments, essential routines and training to help ensure our clients are compliant with fire, health, and safety legislation.
Youreka Expertise

The Challenge

Seeking to enhance efficiency and accuracy around their assessment and verification process, Metro Safety set out on a mission to digitize their operations.

The Solution

Leveraging Youreka, Metro Safety was able to deploy electronic Health and Safety Compliance Assessments as well as Water and Fire Compliance Verifications for their field teams to complete in the field while onsite. To ensure compliance with various UK regulations, Metro Safety’s Risk Assessors now visit sites armed with a set of questions and clear guidelines. These questions range from simple black-and-white answers to more complex ones with multiple options, depending on the answers to the preceding questions.

The Result

Metro Safety Group achieved its digitization goal, realizing substantial time savings. Time-consuming checks are now swiftly completed with real-time updates from the Youreka platform. The shift to digital workflows streamlined compliance processes, significantly boosting efficiency and accuracy.

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