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Salesforce + Youreka Optimized Checklists for Hotel Property Inspections Save Time, Improve Efficiency
In the world of hospitality, where excellence is paramount, Louvre Hotels Group emerges as a shining example. As a leading European hotel chain and part of Jin Jiang International, Louvre Hotels Group operates over 1,700 hotels, reflecting a commitment to top-tier customer experiences. After more than 45 years of operations, the group has consistently adapted to evolving client expectations and sector changes.
Youreka Expertise
Optimized Checklists for Hotel Property Inspections

The Challenge

  • With a diverse portfolio that includes franchised and directly owned properties across multiple countries, the group aimed to address the unique needs of its international and French locations. 
  • The existing desktop application for conducting audits on cleanliness, energy consumption, and process efficiencies was no longer adapted because the group needed a more agile solution.
  • Gaining a mobile-friendly app that works offline and ties into Sales Cloud seamlessly was Louvre’s goal. 

The Solution

  • Youreka emerged as the ideal solution to meet the varied needs of Louvre Hotels Group. The Youreka Team swiftly developed a proof-of-concept that incorporated conditional logic, photo documentation, GPS verification, and scoring to revolutionize the hotel chain’s inspection processes. Its user-friendly, mobile-optimized application empowered not only corporate auditors but also hotel operation and franchise managers to conduct on-site evaluations effectively. The implementation of a scoring system was pivotal in objectively assessing hotel standards. Moreover, the solution’s intelligent design automated the operational teams’ approach to problem-solving, providing a clear path for improvement based on the evaluation outcomes.

  • Specifically, the refined solution provided by Youreka effectively automates the operational team’s response to specific issues during inspections. For example, Youreka’s forms eliminate the need for manual evaluations with questions like: “Has this tool been assessed?” If the response is no, the application guides the user through the necessary steps, optimizing time by directly linking step-by-step actions to issues.
Optimized Checklists for Hotel Property Inspections
  • Youreka revolutionized this process by embedding conditional logic within the electronic inspection forms, immediately directing users to the appropriate solutions, ensuring access to the latest information, and contributing to sustainability by reducing paper usage. This centralized, digital approach also streamlines the onboarding and training of new employees. Where veteran employees might navigate operational procedures from memory, Youreka allows newcomers to quickly familiarize themselves with a comprehensive suite of operational knowledge, bypassing the lengthy learning curve previously mitigated by their Brand Center books. 

The Result

96% Adoption

Adoption rate of Youreka by Louvre Hotels Group employees

Uniform Brand Standards

Enabled maintenance of uniform brand standards and processes across their extensive network

40% Time Savings

Cut inspection time by up to 40% 

The implementation of Youreka has not only streamlined our inspection processes but also brought about significant time savings for our operational teams. This efficiency translates into better service and enhanced guest experiences across our properties
- German Milavin-Crone
Director of Franchise Services Platform
Optimized Checklists for Hotel Property Inspections
  • Implementing Youreka resulted in a significant operational improvement for Louvre Hotels Group. Managers experienced time savings of 30–40%, achieved through Youreka’s efficient guidance during evaluations and its ability to provide direct links to necessary resources within the form itself. Providing in app guidance streamlined the user journey, making hotel visits more efficient. 
  • Additionally, Youreka impacted the network-level performance, enabling Louvre Hotels Group to maintain uniform brand standards and processes across their extensive network. This holistic view ensured consistent quality and service across all properties, reinforcing Louvre Hotels Group’s commitment to excellence in hospitality. 
  • Louvre Hotels Group has seen a 96% adoption rate of Youreka
  • The partnership between Louvre Hotels Group and Youreka showcases a dedication to not just meeting expectations but setting new standards in the industry. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Louvre Hotels Group ensures that each guest enjoys a memorable stay, every day, everywhere, and every time.

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