The Wonderful Company

Top Consumer Goods Company Drives Retail Sales with Salesforce + Youreka Smart Forms
The Wonderful Company, a top company in the consumer goods space, brings in Salesforce and Youreka to remove data silos, improve retail execution, and manage store audits at scale.
Youreka Expertise

The Challenge

Wonderful encountered several challenges in managing their retail and distributor accounts. Their salespeople conducted crucial tasks such as display checks, surveys, and store audits, but struggled to seamlessly integrate the data from these visits into their central system, StayinFront CRM. This disjointed data flow led to business leaders having a fragmented perspective on departmental, product, and relationship management information. Additionally, the data gathered from distributor and retail store visits remained isolated in separate silos, hindering their ability to harness this valuable information to optimize sales opportunities during store visits. Consequently, Wonderful was aware that they were missing out on significant potential for driving sales in their retail and distributor accounts.


To overcome the challenges encountered, Wonderful replaced their StayinFront CRM platform with Salesforce and integrated Youreka into their operations. Now, their field sales representatives utilize Youreka’s forms, assessments, and surveys to efficiently capture data and sync real-time into Salesforce during display checks and store audits. These forms are accessible through the Youreka Mobile App, allowing for offline data capture, or via the Salesforce mobile app for added flexibility. Youreka’s innovative features, including branching logic and intelligent guidance, play a pivotal role in guiding Wonderful’s sales representatives through every step of the display checks, surveys, and store audits process, ensuring a seamless and streamlined approach to managing retail and distributor accounts.

The Result

Wonderful’s sales reps can now easily capture important data during store audits, whether they are on or offline.

Wonderful’s reps can automate follow-up tasks based on responses they receive during store visits.

Wonderful’s reps have a 360-degree view of their retail account information before, during, and after a store visit.

Wonderful’s reps can use a single Youreka form to update account, contact, product, and quality control information within Salesforce in real time.

Business leaders at Wonderful can use Salesforce reports and data captured in Youreka to identify trends, hazards, and risks within retail accounts.

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