Top 3 Reasons to Install Youreka’s Lumen Release

  • April 18, 2022
  • The Youreka Team

Since 2019, I’ve had the opportunity to build, scale, and fine tune release marketing programs in B2B SaaS. It’s a grand demonstration of team work and diligence that brings forward the technical mastery behind a release’s features in simple, easy to apply instructions accompanied by visual and written supporting resources.

The top 3 reasons to install Youreka’s Lumen release are simple.

  1. Admins ensure the new install is “just right” with an extensive list of release resources
  2. Frontline workers will bring faster and better service from mobile devices while in the field
  3. Consulting partners gain implementation speed with the Energy & Utilities Accelerator, our first of many

Now let’s take a closer look at the extensive list of Lumen release resources!


With an easy to scan table-view of the NEW feature advantages, technical summaries, Knowledge Base articles (long form documentation), and dedicated sections for Minor New Features, Fixes, and Metadata, admins will have a smooth experience installing and rolling out Lumen to frontline workers. Click here to read Lumen’s Release Notes.

Additionally, with this release, the Youreka team brought you a dedicated release webinar packed full of feature values and pro tips from Chief Product Officer, Dan Bergner. Click here to replay Lumen’s webinar

Upgrading to Youreka’s Lumen package means that you and your teams get enhancements to:

  1. Save implementation time with pre-built solutions for Energy & Utilities users
    (E&U accelerator article)
  2. Make it easier to read and faster to complete forms while in the field
    (Radio Buttons for Field Link Picklists article)
  3. Drive efficiency in the field by auto naming photos (so efficient no article needed)
  4. Add your brand to the Youreka app (Mobile App Custom Branding article)

There’s even more waiting for you and your teams in this release.

Happy Learning!
EmJ Jaeger, Product Marketing Manager

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