Youreka’s Latest Release, Joule, Delivers The Goods

  • November 2, 2021
  • Dan Bergner

It’s not your typical update. Joule — an enhanced version of everything you love about our smart mobile forms — is a gamechanger. Upgrade your mobile experience so you can work faster, cover more ground, and seamlessly sync to Salesforce. Where else can you find Enterprise Forms Management with top performance metrics? We make your great work look good.

Here are the highlights of our latest release: 

Work Faster

You spoke and we listened. With Joule, field workers can get more done in less time. Downloading templates to mobile devices — and syncing forms with Salesforce throughout the day — is now optimized for maximum productivity. We designed Joule to help your employees save time so they can do what they do best. 

Specific features to save big on time:

  • Platform Cache for Mobile: Download forms and templates in a flash.
  • Mobile Sync Speed Optimizations: Syncing to Salesforce has never been speedier. 
  • Support for Different Picklist Labels & API Names: The wait is over. You can finally link questions to your Salesforce fields leveraging translation workbench. Translate language, setup components, and objects with the click of a button!

Your Forms, Upgraded

Joule gives you more space to build your forms. Now you can fit two forms in one — in other words, your form capacity just expanded by 50%. You can now build bigger, longer, and more complex templates. 

The specifics: 

  • Mobile Template Size Increased From 1MB to 1.5MB: Simplify your forms by fitting more data into one report. Organizing your forms has never been easier.
  • Improved Performance — More Linked Sections For Easy Navigation: You won’t get lost. Our enhanced design feature helps you navigate forms with ease.
  • New and Improved Template Monitor: Optimize as you go and know your limits with a new status bar.

Look Better

When your forms look good, everybody wins. Joule allows you to add more pictures — with better resolution — to improve your forms across the board. We’re also giving you more control in the backend so you can customize and organize with ease. With metadata tagging, enhanced image searching, and the ability to set limits on who can delete linked sections, your job just got easier.

  • Template Image Size Limit Increased From 500KB to 1.2MB: More pictures and better quality will make your forms shine. 
  • Template Image Search & Metadata Tagging: Designed to help you organize — so you can search for an image anytime, anywhere.
  • Configure Delete Options on Linked Sections: More control when you create your forms — nothing will be deleted without your permission.

From minor cosmetic brush-ups to brand new features, Joule delivers the goods. Our Salesforce-native mobile forms help you work faster and stronger — with seamless integration across your team. You’ll save time with accelerated downloading and syncing; enjoy enhanced user-experience; and create longer, more comprehensive forms with improved navigation. 

We’re thrilled to keep growing with you — and watch your work take off. Better forms, enhanced workflow, and collaboration across teams will benefit Salesforce users everywhere. We’re here to change the game and help you win. 

Click here to explore more features in Joule.

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