Form and Substance: Dynamic Mobile Forms

  • June 2, 2022
  • The Youreka Team

In the movies, they call them the “hero in the chair.” It’s the dispatcher, upper-tier tech support, or other employee whose expertise makes them a valuable resource to those on the front line. Digital forms mean easier engagement with, and communication of, the knowledge of the expert in the chair — which empowers employees in the field.

Dynamic digital forms

Digital forms are the new basis of data capture and management. They allow your company to create and maintain a record of its knowledge base. Frontline employees, including service call employees, in-home healthcare providers, and similar field roles, can update processes and procedures using mobile data capture of on-site resources and what’s lacking. Data capture cuts down on administrative work and reduces errors. And it all happens on a cloud-based platform with enhanced accessibility — online or offline — using dynamic digital forms custom built for your company’s needs.

Guided procedures

Once captured, organizational knowledge can be put into action with guided procedures. In digital form, it’s easier to apply expert knowledge in useful ways that allow frontline employees to use collective experience to accelerate assessments and complete first-time troubleshooting, service processes, and repair operations.

This experience leverages no code, all clicks next-generation technology, including machine learning and augmented reality (AR). Advanced mobile technology combines AR and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer smarter forms and procedures, identify gaps, and apply best practices. Imagine a frontline worker who has a complex system to troubleshoot and repair. As part of the diagnostic process, they use the camera on their mobile device to examine the system in question.

Frontline employees can access system specifications and run comparisons between the specs and images taken in the field. The technology identifies and highlights any areas of deviation from the shared image. The more images the system can draw upon, the more it — and your frontline employees — can accurately identify problems, resolve them for consistent service experiences, and make frontline recommendations for service plans and upgrades.

Dynamic mobile solutions

Applying this advanced mobile technology and guided procedures for training and frontline support means every service visit captures data for use as a potential teaching tool. Meanwhile, your frontline employees can access all the same images, helping them offer expert service from their first day on the job. The time saved in trying to comprehend the problem will pay huge dividends in customer satisfaction, employee efficacy, and first-time service success.

Today’s crowd sourced tools, including dynamic digital forms, guided procedures, advanced mobile technology, and augmented reality, empower each frontline employee to be the “hero in the chair,” regardless of historic repair knowledge or case-specific expertise.

To accelerate dynamic mobile forms and procedures for your frontline employees, visit and click to SEE HOW IT WORKS.

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