Gain Transparency & Reduce Complexity for Public Sector Organizations

  • March 28, 2022
  • The Youreka Team
Public sector organizations use Salesforce and Youreka to gain transparency
Public sector organizations use Salesforce and Youreka to gain transparency

Exceeding the Customer Experience (CX) is more prominent than ever, including in public sector organizations. Constituents expect modern consistent experiences like Amazon and Zillow from their public sector organizations and government whether receiving a benefit, making payments, being guided through a process, and more.

According to McKinsey, “by creating constituent-centric experiences, leading public sector organizations have achieved improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and enhanced mission-effectiveness” (The Public Sector Gets Serious About Customer Experience).

Moreover, certain journeys matter more to constituents. These were the top four of the 10 most common public sector and government service journeys globally, that derived importance:

Public Sector Journeys

To impact the modern constituent experience for the public sector and reduce complexity for thriving communities, Youreka combined with Salesforce Customer 360 offers guided procedures and advanced mobile technology for the public sector. Youreka tools are simple, reliable, and pre-built for public sector organizations to capture real-time insights and actionable data to better serve constituents. Additionally these tools empower field inspectors to use their mobile device and resolve or enforce violations along with faster response time when emergencies arrive.

Why Youreka?

Anywhere, online or offline powered by Salesforce Customer 360, Youreka delivers next generation service excellence.

Key Benefits

  • Capture real-time insights and actionable data for the frontline and back office
  • Reduce and de-risk site visits with real-time guided assistance
  • Empower field employees to recommend revenue opportunities
  • Accelerate knowledge transfer across your workforce

Learn More about Youreka for Public Service Organizations.

Youreka: Smarter Forms, Guided Procedures on Salesforce™

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