What’s the Secret to Business Success? Live Your Values With 1:1:1

  • March 3, 2022
  • The Youreka Team

There is a generational shift accelerating in the workforce, and the next generation of employees is far more likely than their predecessors to be invested in — and willing to demand — work-life balance and corporate social impact. The Salesforce 1:1:1 pledge is tailor made to target the combined generations comprising most of today’s workforce. Do you want to attract exceptional candidates, develop institutional knowledge, and retain top talent? Live your values.

Living your values

Corporate values are more than a statement. Infuse your values into every policy and program. Your stated commitment to employee health and wellbeing can show itself in active encouragement to use PTO and company sponsored mental health resources. A company value for the environment can be shown with recycling programs, visible efforts to cut waste, and investments in energy efficiency.

To attract the talent you want, your values need to be consistent and on display. Today’s social media savvy workforce can either promote your efforts or scrutinize your shortcomings publicly.

Retain talent with sincerity, regular recognition of your employees’ contribution to your success, and a clear, demonstrable commitment to your stated values. Create an employee experience your workforce can both value and take pride in. To keep your essential employees happy and engaged, inspire their loyalty the old-fashioned way. Earn it.

The 1% pledge

1:1:1 is Salesforce’s model for corporate philanthropy and citizenship. It asks corporations to pledge 1% of their profit, 1% of their time, and 1% of their products to charitable causes and is designed to encourage philanthropy at every level of the corporate hierarchy. This small, but significant, commitment is a value your employees can easily recognize and actively support.

The 1:1:1 model calls upon companies to leverage their resources, including profits, products, and people,  as part of a comprehensive philanthropic strategy. It does what businesses already do by leveraging company resources and employee talents to achieve goals.

Youreka cares

Most people have heard of Andrew Carnegie. Some might remember him as a railroad tycoon, but anyone who lives in a community with a Carnegie library can still spell his name. Social engagement, corporate citizenship, and serving your community make a memorable impact.

Making a measurable difference in our communities is the goal of the 1:1:1 movement. Youreka is a Salesforce-native enterprise forms management platform helping organizations organize, create, complete, approve, and analyze business forms. Our 1:1:1 initiative — Youreka Cares — leverages our technology, financial resources, and employee volunteer time to positively affect our own communities by promoting dignity and mutual respect, acting as servant leaders, and serving through duty and action.

With generosity, integrity, and transparency as our core values, the Youreka Cares program aims to:

  • Improve the lives of others.
  • Empower nonprofit organizations in their missions.
  • Give back to society through our technology and resources.

Our nonprofit digital solutions are making a visible impact, and they can help your company in your philanthropic efforts to live your values — with enterprise tools your employees already know. Bring the same organization to every job you do. Whether it benefits your bottom line, your community, or the whole human race, Youreka Cares. Learn more at https://youreka.io/youreka-cares/

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