Youreka for Manufacturing

With Youreka, safety and efficiency don’t have to be competing priorities. As a manufacturer, reduce risk with Youreka by guiding field techs through complex procedures and data capture.  Or as an audit supplier, distributor, or retailer, use Youreka to ensure compliance, maintain a detailed audit trail, and surface any irregularities or gaps in the chain.

Solutions for Manufacturing

Asset Inspections

Factory Inspections

Supplier and Retail Audits

Install, Break-fix, Maintenance Procedures

Field Sales and Quoting

And more use cases

Manufacturing leaders changing the game
with Youreka

Demo: Youreka and FSL for Break-fix

In this demo, dispatch a field tech with FSL, complete the procedure with Youreka, and send the data back to Salesforce.

  • Pre-populate form from work order
  • Offline data capture
  • Form logic and Discoveries
  • Photo capture and markup
  • Map data back to Salesforce

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Popular Manufacturing Templates

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Field Quote Form Template

Asset Inspection Form Template

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